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Uma dance Academy

Uma dance troupe is well known as one of the best, popular, well performing dance troupe in srilanka.uma dance troupe always brings an added value to the motherland by its artistic creations & well performance since 1999.

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Creating Young Dancers

Future has created

Uma dance troupe has been creating wide range of young dancers to srilanka, which facilitates to preserve our precious cultural values for everlasting future benefit for future generation.

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Range of Dancing wide

Our Services

Chamila Wickramasinghe & the Uma dance troupe will entertain you with some traditional, creative & modern dancing based on kandiyan, indian dance & free style. Our traditional & modern dance troupe will enhance the beauty of your occasion.

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What We Do?

There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them..

Sri Lanka Dancing choreography and Dancing Groups

Dancing choreography and Groups

For Weddings, Award Ceremonies, Get together meetings etc.

Professional dancing groups from kandyan, pahatharata and western specialize for welcome Items, Ashtaka and jayamangala gatha

Sri Lanka Kids Dancing Teaching

Dancing Teaching and Training

Kids Dancing teaching, Teaching to be a Professional Dancer and Training for special items

Sri Lanka Event Management and Costume Designing

Event Management and Costume Designing

Bridal and Dancing Costume Designing

Event Planning, Video Productions, Photography, Stage Backdrops, Lighting and Sounds

Have You Seen our Works?

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.

Performance Videos - Uma Narthananjali 2015

Who is she?

Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success.

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We cant always choose the music life plays for us but we can choose how we dance to it.

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Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.

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Once, I was my mother's daughter. Now I am bunch of daughter's mother.

few more sentences about her

Chamila Wickramasinghe learned her first step from Kulasiri Budawatta in her childhood.there for she came over 25 years in dancing life till to the present day. Chamila Wickramasinghe completed her school reading in art subjects at Kottawa Dharmapala. In 1999 she started Uma dance academy & she succeeded from her own dance academy. Today as a teacher, she has enlightened the dancing life of large number of students & troupe with professional dancers in her own. The company performed theatre, TV shows, dealer conversations, music videos. Chamila Wickramasinghe & the Uma dance troupe will entertain you with some traditional, creative & modern dancing based on kandiyan, indian dance & free style. She started her career as a dancing teacher in St,Thomas collage mount lavinia in 1997. Chamila Wickramasinghe started her Uma dance academy in 1999.she has 25 years of dancing experience which can touch the heart of the audience by performing creative innovations. She has already done 4 shows in her dancing life & they have successfully completed. Chamila Wickramasinghe gives tremendous co-operation to make Srilankan dance to a higher position. She has an identity of her own.through her innovations it conveys that she has a culture in her own right. Her lifelong passion with dance has made her synonymous with the art.

Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing. - Clive James

Watch Uma Behind the scene

What Students Say?

To the world you may be just a teacher, but for us you are a hero!

"I started dancing about 12 years back, the day seemed so far away, and the time has passed so luckily with an invaluable knowledge & guidance under Ms. Chamila Wickramasinghe. The time I had in the main dance troupe & the places I travelled for thousands of shows were amazing. I’m happy to say that now I’m a Chartered Marketer & following my MBA while working as an Executive at Richard Pieris & Company PLC and all this is gathered through you along the years were incredible, while being a member of the Uma Dance Troupe.To the world you may be just a teacher, but for us you are a hero!"

client 1 Madusha Kaumadie Hemasiri Student

"I have been dancing near Ms. Chamila Wickramasinghe for quite a long time and the amount of love, encouragement and knowledge I gathered is mesmerizing. Currently I’m working at Royal Institute International School as a Maths and Science teacher while doing my higher studies to complete BSC in economics and finance at RIC Colombo and still I would never miss a single class! As a Member of Main Dance group I haven't forget about our remarkable limelight at nelum pokuna mahinda rajapaksha theatre in 2014. I used to dance but Uma Dancing Academy actually taught me to LIVE the dance!!!"

client 2 Roshani Ruvinika Somachandra Student

"To be a Dancer, That's my dream is came every night since my childhood. When I take part the programme conduct by Mrs.Chamila Wickramasinghe i defined the dream not to be a dream so far. I believe now I'm in a top of a huge platform that created by the Uma Dancing Academy.I just doing my A/L's in 2015 but I achieved huge experience and success comparatively with my age as a member of main dance troupe of Uma Dancing Academy.I supposed to I have to go so on and my future endeavour seems to be like Mrs.Chamila as a dancing teacher. Dancing is not a part of my life, I Live for Dancing. That's my vision."

client 3 Vidushi Chamathka Hirimbura Student

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away" - chamila wickramasinghe


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uma rangayathanaya,high level road,kottawa.


+94 766 60 60 88

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Kottawa - Saturday 8.00am to 6.00pm (next to Bank of Ceylon building)

Malabe (Gamunupura) - Sunday 1.30pm to 6.30pm

Horana (Pokunuwita) - Monday 3.00pm to 7.00pm (sanasa hall)

Kesbawa - Tuesday 3.00pm to 7.00pm (Opposite to electricity board building)

Habarakada - Friday 3.00pm to 7.00pm (sanasa hall)

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